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Welcome to Seeds of Wonder

We know how hard it can be to find time for self-reflection and growth and squeezing a yoga class into our busy lives is often the most we can manage.

At Seeds of Wonder, we want to help people understand how yoga and its philosophy can complement and enhance your lifestyle, without you needing to study complicated concepts or embark on a demanding spiritual journey (unless you want to of course!).

We firmly believe that taking a few simple steps to learn and practice the key principles can bring you focus and joy, beauty and wonder.

We aim to make the yoga lifestyle accessible to everyone, and empower you to nurture yourself, connect with your community and live a more balanced and mindful life.

To help you bring yoga into your life, on and off the mat, we are constantly creating podcasts and writing articles to help inspire you. You can find these free resources over on the Blogs & More page.

You will also find a range of carefully selected yoga lifestyle products in our online shop. And for those based near us, we hold regular yoga and meditation events in Sydney to help you deepen your practice and meet up with other likeminded souls.

I AM THAT cork alignment yoga mat

Our yoga and meditation products are carefully selected to support and complement your practice and help you to explore the yoga lifestyle.

They have been created with sustainable, ethical practices in mind, locally sourced where possible, and all our meditation malas and breaded bracelets are lovingly handmade in Sydney.

We have a selection of yoga and meditation books, guided meditation and mindfulness CDs, and sustainably produced yoga mats and yoga mat bags.

Our beautiful handmade meditation malas, bracelets, lavender infused eye pillows and essential oils encourage deeper meditation, our smudge kits cleanse negative energy, and Lotus wraps help you sit for longer.

Mandala being drawn

Throughout the year we offer a range of yoga and meditation events and retreats that will encourage you on your journey.

These events are not solely about the physical side of yoga. We aim to help you practice key yoga principles in day to day life and support you to shape your own practice; whatever that looks like for you.

Connecting with your community is also an important part of the yoga lifestyle and philosophy, and our events and workshops have helped many people refocus, learn, heal and connect. You don’t have to have any existing knowledge before joining in – just be ready to explore and have some fun!

Check back regularly to see our upcoming yoga events in Sydney.

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Latest Reviews

  • Barbara Courtille Avatar
    Barbara Courtille
    18/01/20 - Google

    I asked Carol from Seeds of Wonder to repair my well-worn malas and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. They look brand new again, beautifully restrung and with hand-made tassels. I am so impressed with Carol’s attention to detail, the care, and the passion she brings to her... read more

  • Tracey Francis Avatar
    Tracey Francis
    19/10/19 - Facebook

    Carol’s handmade Malas and Bracelets are simply stunning. You can see the work and feel the quality.

  • Alwynne Avatar
    14/10/19 - WooCommerce

    An absolutely stunning yoga mat - incredibly grippy and the most comfortable mat I've ever used. It's fantastic for fast flow classes, but super padded for slower styles like yin. Versatile, and beautiful - every time I've taken it to a studio, fellow yogis and teachers ask where I got... read more

    Luxury Cork Alignment Mat Image

    Luxury Cork Alignment Mat

  • Karen Paynton Avatar
    Karen Paynton
    18/08/19 - Google

    I attended Seeds of Wonder - Introduction to Prangana - 2 hour workshop - it gave me a great overview of this practice and I enjoyed learning all the new techniques. It also inspired me to start a similar practice nearer my home.

  • Balaji A Avatar
    Balaji A
    18/08/19 - Google

    Bought Rebalancing Men's bracelet from Seeds of Wonder and I am super happy about the purchase. The delivery was speedy. I have been wearing it for more than two months now and love it!

  • Bernadette Halas Avatar
    Bernadette Halas
    24/07/19 - Google

    LOVE these products! And Carol's service is second to none. Just delightfully fulfilling for all my senses. Thanks a million for existing. 🙂

  • Karen Avatar
    23/06/19 - WooCommerce

    Fabulous product, great service. The quality and design is beautiful. I have had lots of compliments.

    Insight Mala Image

    Insight Mala

  • Bernadette Halas Avatar
    Bernadette Halas
    23/06/19 - Facebook

    Loving the products & the service. Thank you Carol for creating such a luxurious product. Love it! #beautiful

  • Julie Wix Avatar
    Julie Wix
    23/07/19 - Google

    I bought an “I am that” yoga mat from Seeds of Wonder, my questions were answered promptly and the delivery was fast with a lovely note from the owner, great personal touch. The mat is great quality and I love the way it guides my feet into the correct position... read more

  • Tracey Francis Avatar
    Tracey Francis
    27/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Well made, and a fabulous addition to my mediation and yoga bag.

    Lotus Wrap | Teal | 96” Standard Image

    Lotus Wrap | Teal | 96” Standard